For the Students We Wish We’d Taught Better

This Letter Was Originally Published in The Hechinger Report

To the Editor

Re OPINION: A call for rejecting the newest reading wars

Nov. 18, 2022

We are teachers who were sold the very story that journalist Emily Hanford describes in her new podcast: a myth about how students learn to crack the alphabetic code. So, we were disappointed to see the recent letter by fifty-eight professors, authors and curriculum developers responding to Hanford’s work. Instead of taking the opportunity to adapt their message, materials and pedagogy in response to a strong body of evidence, synthesized by Hanford for a public audience, they offered an empty and disingenuous call to “reject the newest reading wars.”

But a central point of the “Sold a Story” podcast is that the research “wars” around foundational reading skills were already won and lost decades ago — and that few educators have ever heard of this research, because an entire industry of education publishers, coaches and curriculum writers have either ignored or actively resisted it, needlessly encumbering the efforts of thousands of teachers like us, our students, and their families along the way.

To those responsible, “Sold a Story” may feel like an attack. Yet Hanford’s work is better characterized as an investigation of the harms caused by one misguided literacy practice — three-cueing — and the curricula and leaders who continue to perpetuate it. 

Decades of cognitive research overwhelmingly suggests that students taught to decode using systematic, explicit phonics outperform students taught with other methods, such as three-cueing. Three-cueing refers to a model of reading instruction in which learners are prompted to guess at words using pictures (meaning cues), letters (visual cues), or the context of the sentence (syntax cues) — also known as “using multiple sources of information” or “problem-solving,” all reading behaviors that typify struggling readers. Research also indicates that the three-cueing method disproportionately harms the most vulnerable students, including those with dyslexia and any student who can’t afford expensive private tutoring in decoding.

The recent letter did not mention the term three-cueing once, one of several ways in which the authors distort the facts and the stakes of “Sold a Story” and the broader movement toward research-aligned foundational skills instruction. 

The letter makes a strawman of Hanford’s reporting, asserting that “it is irresponsible to reduce the teaching of reading to phonics instruction and nothing more.” Her work does no such thing, suggesting only that using evidence-aligned decoding instruction is low-hanging fruit, a necessary (albeit insufficient) step toward equitable access to meaningful, joyful reading.

The authors mischaracterize Hanford’s analysis of the three-cueing problem as a “fabricated phonics debate,” saying they all already know and agree that “systematic phonics is essential.” Yet Hanford produces mounds of evidence on the ways “balanced literacy” curricula like signatory Lucy Calkins’s Units of Study both shortchange and contradict alphabetic code instruction. 

There’s nothing fabricated about this — as teachers, we have seen it with our own eyes. The signatories of the Hechinger letter may not be aware of these issues because of their distance from the classroom (and in many cases, from reading research). But we hope they will listen when we say that the tools and guidance we were given were both insufficient and misleading. We were handed Fountas and Pinnell’s “The Literacy Continuum” textbook in our grad school programs; we were given boxed sets of Calkins’s “Units” upon arrival in our first classrooms. And we relied on them, encouraging students to use pictures or first letters to decode words, sending them off for independent reading without us having taught them how. That isn’t because we were “naively inadequate” but because we were taught repeatedly to use these three-cueing based strategies by so-called experts, and because the phonics contained within those boxed sets was anything but systematic.

Finally, the letter hand-waves away Hanford’s critique by demanding “the rest of the story,” failing to recognize this kind of careful, deep-dive reporting on a specific aspect of teaching and learning as tribute to the complexity of our craft. It is a rarity for mainstream journalism to dig so extensively into a single slice of classroom practice; we are more accustomed to superficial drive-bys with analyses of NAEP scores and policy initiatives that stay far removed from the chalkface. But a focus on one aspect of instructional practice in no way discounts the importance of others, or of the structural inequities at play in our schools. Let’s have more in-depth reporting on other elements of literacy — on read-aloud of complex text, on language development and bilingual learning, on challenging the canon, on teaching poetry! — and on other issues, like school funding and diversifying teacher pipelines, that we know impact our students, too.

We, the undersigned, are teachers who do indeed “care deeply about doing the real work.” We care about equitable outcomes for our students, across all domains of literacy. We do not argue that Hanford’s work is perfect, nor that foundational skills instruction will be the silver bullet for educational (or even literacy) justice. But through our own collective efforts, we have learned from the research Hanford has amplified, changing the way we teach early reading and accelerating every student’s access to the alphabetic code and the wonders of literacy. We invite the 58 signatories of the recent letter — and the whole literacy community — to do the same.

For the students we wish we’d taught better, 

Callie Lowenstein
Bilingual Intervention Teacher, DC Public Schools
Catlin Goodrow
Grade 3-5 Reading Intervention Teacher, WA
Margaret Goldberg
Literacy Coach, Nystrom Elementary in WCCUSD, CA
Co-Founder, Right to Read Project
Lindsey Burk
High School Teacher, Penn-Delco School District, PA
Mark Anderson
Former Special Education Teacher in Elementary and Middle School, Current Administrator NYCDOE
Nathaniel Hansford 
Grade 7/8 Teacher, Ontario, Canada
Sherri Lucas-Hall
Owner of Designed to Teach Tutoring Services, GA
Missy Purcell
Former 5th Grade Teacher/Gwinnett County Public Schools, GA
Elizabeth Reenstra
Former Elementary School Teacher and Reading Specialist, NJ; Current K-8 Structured Literacy Dyslexia Specialist, Netherlands
Kate Winn
Kindergarten Teacher, Ontario, Canada
Megan Potente
Co-State Director, Decoding Dyslexia CA, Former Elementary Teacher and Literacy Coach
Kristen McQuillan 
Former Baltimore City Schools Teacher and Administrator
Kareem J Weaver 
Oakland NAACP Education Chair-Elect, Oakland USD
20-year Teacher (4/5th Grade, Bilingual) and Principal.
Meredith Liben
24 Year Veteran Teacher, Now Reading Consultant and Author, Know Better, Do Better
Grace Delgado
Executive Director of Multilingual Services in Aldine ISD
Maria Murray, Ph.D.
President and CEO, The Reading League
Kate Peeples, Ph.D.
Former Special Education Teacher and Current Special Education professor, Illinois State University
Tracy White-Weeden
President & CEO of Neuhaus Education Center
Dr. Heidi Beverine-Curry
Chief Academic Officer & Cofounder – The Reading League, Former Public School Teacher
Lori Sappington
Literacy Podcast Host, Former Teacher, District Leader, and Maryland State Dept. of Education ELA Specialist
Melissa Loftus
Literacy Podcast Host, Former Teacher and District Leader
Liza Finkelstein
Former SFUSD Teacher, Co-Founder FULCRUM
Jennifer Hogan
Curriculum Coordinator, Pentucket Public Schools
Danielle Dennis
Interim Dean, University of Rhode Island College of Education and Professional Studies
Melissa Gaitho
School Psychologist/Fairfield County/CT
M-J Mercanti-Anthony, Ed.D,
Principal, Antonia Pantoja Preparatory Academy
Christina Cover
Special Education Teacher, NYC Public Schools
Lisa Baker
CT Certified K-12 Special Education Teacher, Owner Empowered Literacy LLC, Associate/OGA, CERI Certified Structured Literacy Dyslexia Interventionist
Stephen Cilono
8th Grade Teacher, EFCPS
Lisa Thomas
Third Grade Teacher, MA Public Schools
Kate Pearce
Educational Consultant
Andrea Graham
2nd Grade Teacher, Madison Metropolitan School District
Melanie Presha
School Psychologist, New Jersey
Sarah Levine
Reading Teacher, New Haven Public Schools
Melanie Brethour
Resource Teacher, Good Shepherd
Meredith Gallo
Kindergarten Teacher
Denise Varughese, Former Teacher and Instructional Coach, Houston Independent School District and Various School Districts Across HoustonNora van Arkel, Tutor, Buncombe County School District, NCCassie Baas, 5th Grade Teacher, Hudsonville Public Schools
Melody Fernandez, 3rd Grade Teacher, NISDJen, 2nd Grade Teacher, San Diego County Public SchoolRosy Hely Reed, Former 5th-8th Grade ELA Teacher and Coach, NYC DOE and KIPP DC
Kelly Millner, Former Teacher K-6Cathryn Hurley, Kindergarten TeacherJackie Gray, Gasconade County R-2 Owensville, Mo. Reading Intervention
Allison Elkow, Special Education Teacher, RPS CTHeather Green, Literacy Specialist, MichiganMartha Herbert, 3rd Grade interrelated co-Teacher, GCPS Ga
Tori St Germain, Former Elementary Special Education TeacherHannah Pleban, K-2 Special Education Teacher, Unatego Central School District, NYSamantha Ard, Substitute Teacher, STS, SE Pennsylvania
Rebecca Brown, 4th Grade Teacher, Gwinnett County Public SchoolsMelinda Airey, Grade 2 Teacher. Victoria, AustraliaDeb Harrison, Stage 1 Teacher NSW Australia
Kristen Koeller, K-5 Reading Intervention, Cupertino Union, CAHeather Robertson, Former Teacher, Atlanta Public Schools; Parent; AttorneyErin Wood, Reading Specialist – special education School
Christin Economou, Reading Specialist Dudley Charlton Regional School District MassachusettsSarah Barrett, 4th Grade TeacherLiz Heath, Former First Grade Teacher and a parent of an 8 year old with Dyslexia
Pearl Hall, 1st- 8th Reading Specialist, CUSD, CAAmy Kelly, 2nd Grade Teacher, Humble ISDRivka Gurevitz, Student taught at NYC Schools. Currently teach in a private religious School
Sarah Kilguss, 2nd Grade Teacher Manatee County Schools, FloridaMelinda Lepore, Portland Middle School Learning Acceleration Specialist, Portland Public Schools (Certified Reading Interventionist; LETRS trained & Orton Gillingham Associate)Sara McKay, Former Special Ed and Reading Teacher in central NY.
Jessica Feldmann, Structured Literacy Reading Teacher 2-8 NJ Private SchoolAnna Newcomb, 3rd Grade Teacher, Arkansas Public SchoolsEva Footlik, 1st Grade Teacher, Illinois
Sarah Kilguss, 2nd Grade Teacher, Manatee County Schools, FloridaMerrin Rousseau, 3rd Grade Teacher, BUUSD, Barre, VermontMim Rushworth,
Sydney Merk, K-2 Teacher Menlo Park City School DistrictJessica Sutton, Kindergarten Teacher, Cobb County School DistrictKeira Corrie, Education Support / Parent – Melbourne, Australia
Melissa Hostetter, 5th Grade Teacher, District 186 Springfield, ILKimberly Peters, MTSS Coordinator, Anacortes School DistrictMichelle, Education Support
Anne Brewster, Director, Children’s Dyslexia Center of Springfield, ILJay M Grimm, 1st Grade TeacherJessica Wippich, 5th Grade Teacher, Loudoun County Public Schools, VA
Sharon Hudson, 2nd Grade, GeorgiaSharon Hoover, 2nd Grade Teacher, TX Public SchoolSusan Westbrook, Recent Retiree, K-5 Title One Teacher, Wisconsin
Jeanne McCann, Reading Specialist, California Public SchoolBrooke A. Snyder, International kindergarten TeacherLaura Bross, Grade 2/3 Teacher, Ontario Public School, CANADA
Chelsie Bowman, Kindergarten Teacher, Knoxville Community School District #202Lydia Turkaly, Chesterfield County PS, Literacy SpecialistLakenya Rolon, First Grade Teacher, Orange Board of Education
Leah McMullen, 2nd Grade Teacher, Oregon Public SchoolsJocelyn Klotz, D303/2nd Grade Teacher/IllinoisJennifer Cyr, Reading Specialist, New Hampshire
Jan Groff, Dyslexia TherapistCathy Nunley, Title Interventionist, MissouriElizabeth Wolfson, Elementary Reading Specialist/Instructional Coach, Massachusetts
Brenda Tippery, Literacy Coach, Center Line Public SchoolsDarla Smith Harkness, SST-Moose Jaw, Sk, CanadaNicole McCann, Montessori Educator, Certified OG Practitioner
Shasha Williams, San Diego Unified Kindergarten TeacherCatherine Canady, 1st Grade Teacher, Jefferson County Public Schools, NBCTJackie Fink, 3rd Grade ELA Teacher, OH
Emily Crislip, 2nd Grade TeacherJoanne Warner, Instructional Coach, Franklin Township, Arlington Elementary, IndianapolisSarah McMaster, 3rd/4th ELA Teacher
Jennifer Trueit, 1st Grade Teacher, CPSDTara Pagliaro, Speech Language Pathologist & Literacy Mentor , Literacy How, Inc.Kristi Moncrief, Special Educator/NBCT, CALT, Qualified Instructor
Jennifer Tonks, 2nd Grade Teacher, Willard MOBeverley Broadway, 1st Grade Teacher, Natchitoches Parish School SystemApril Evans, 1st Grade Teacher
Michelle Bairos, Kindergarten Teacher, Sylvan Union School District, Freedom Elementary, Modesto CAJenny Glinka, 2nd Grade Teacher, Waukegan Public Schools, ILKim McCutcheon, 4th Grade ELA/ NBCT, OG Certified, SDLI Certified
Tanya LaSota, Kindergarten Teacher, Peoria Public SchoolsSuzanne P, Interventionist, MSD19Shelby Cleaveland, MLL Teacher, Massachusetts
Elise Lovejoy, Former Teacher, CEO Express ReadersKim Lesser, K-5 Intervention, WCPSSRobin Otis, Literacy Coach, Connecticut
Amy Fitch, 21 Year Master Kindergarten Teacher, St. Louis, MOLori Musack, Reading TeacherJames Caruso, 1st Grade Teacher, District of Columbia Public Schools
Tammy Terry, Kindergarten, California Public SchoolCathryn Hurley, Kindergarten Teacher, MarylandJill Buffer, Special Education Teacher, Sullivan Primary School
Mallorie Willms, 1st Grade, California Public SchoolKara Macie, Speech Language Pathologist, Ontario CanadaKim Pharmer, K-2 Reading Interventionist; Michigan Virtual Charter Academy
Becky Moore, Kindergarten Teacher, California Public SchoolsDorothy McKay, Teacher -Thames Valley District School BoardRebekah A. Ford, Title 1 Teacher
Jennifer Price, 7th-9th Grade Teacher, Jordan School District UtahSusan Tothill, Kindergarten Teacher, YRDSBJanel Bowman, Intervention Specialist, Gahanna Jefferson Schools
Melissa Holmes, Reading Interventionist, 3rd Grade American International SchoolAngela Simmering, 1st Grade Teacher, Denver Public SchoolsLee Schwarz, Early Literacy Solutions Expert, Renaissance Learning
Gael Carroll, Dyslexia TutorLinda Rhyne, Independent Consultant, Formerly 15 Year Educator in Charlotte Mecklenburg SchoolsAngela Lutz, Reading Interventionist, LAP K-5, Puyallup School District, WA
Holly R. Mueller, 2nd Grade Teacher, Hudsonville Public SchoolsLaura Freeman, Dyslexia InterventionistHelene Gorman, Academic Tutor/ 2nd Grade Teacher, Pasco County Schools, FL
Jennifer Bremser, Associate Professor and ParentElenn Steinberg, Every Child ReadingTraci Ferris, Literacy Specialist with TX Reads (former classroom Teacher and Interventionist in Humble ISD)
Audie Alumbaugh, Retired Special EducatorLynn Headley, Owner/Tutor, Innovative Solutions for Learning, Former TeacherKimberley Cobb, Retired Teacher/Current Private Tutor
Katie-Lynn Ludes, Reading Specialist, Coal City Elementary SchoolDebra Cerrato, 1st Grade Teacher, Muscogee County SchoolsHannah D, 2nd Grade Teacher, Spring Branch ISD
Kate McAliece, Learning Coordinator, Sydney, AustraliaAllison White, Teacher, San Francisco Bay AreaCindy Hendershott, Dyslexia Specialist K-5, NWISD
Corinne Apton, Kindergarten Teacher, NYC Public SchoolsCatherine Cook BEd, Teacher/Librarian, Grade 1/2 Teacher, Former Reading Recovery Teacher, SD #27, BC CanadaPatti Ritter, First Grade Teacher, Clearview Local Schools
Nicole Zezzo, 3rd Grade Teacher, Mom of a Dyslexic SonElizabeth Marsh, Grade 4 Teacher, Grade 4 Reading Interventionist, AZKara Benton, Dyslexia Specialist Humble ISD
Michelle Medlin, 2nd Grade Teacher, Bodine SchoolErin Willard, Former Reading Intervention Teacher, San Francisco SchoolsErika Pettet, 2nd Grade Teacher, Hillsborough County Schools
Jackie Abrams, Humanities Coordinator, Canton, MAChristina Kool, 2nd Grade TeacherSally, Dyslexia Interventionist
Christina Powell, Young 5 Kindergarten Lansing, MIMary Navarre, 6-8 Literacy Supervisor, Hillsborough County Public SchoolsMarvilene Hagopian, Curriculum Specialist (retired), California Technical Assistance Center for Reading First, Reading Lions Center, Sacramento County Office of Education
Alicia Phillips, 1st Grade Teacher, BASKathryn Wood, Ontario Kindergarten TeacherBridget Ligas, Vestal Central Schools/Kindergarten Teacher
Claire Conroy, Education Consultant, Former CT Public School TeacherSarah Myers, Teacher, Houston area Public SchoolKaren Swingle, Retired Language Arts Teacher of 20 years in Grades 2-6.
Margaret Nelligan, Middle School Reading Specialist, Northwestern CTTania Decaudin, Grade 1/2 French Immersion TDSBElizabeth Manolis, Literacy Coach, Amherst School District
Allison Walker, Primary Teacher, Upper Canada District School Board, Ontario, CanadaJan White, Reading InterventionistE. Hershey, Reading Specialist & Interventionist
Joshua Durey, 4th Grade TeacherJennifer Binkley, Kindergarten Teacher/Nisley Elementary/Mesa County Public School District 51Lauren Taylor Jones, Former High School Teacher, HomeSchool Parent
Toni Thomas, Executive Director, KinderWay LearningKellie Koch, Reading SpecialistJean Capizzi, Elementary Learning Specialist, Kingsley Montessori School
Lydia Turkaly, Chesterfield County PS/Literacy SpecialistKatie Ritoch, 1st Grade Teacher, TSD9Michelle Fryhover, Instructional Coach, Florence K8, Florence Unified School District
Kristy Schumacher, 1st Grade Teacher, Minneota Elementary SchoolMrs. Janet M. Groff, Licensed Dyslexia Therapist & CALTEmily Schatz, 2nd Grade, WA
Jennifer Ashley Nichols, K-5 Instructional Coach, Georgia Public SchoolChristie Lang, 2nd Grade Teacher, Milton Freewater School DistrictKatie McGuire, Special Education Teacher
Crystal Eldred M Ed, Reading Interventionist/ Title I Reading, Butler Elementary in Butler, MOJulie Frazier, Teacher, currently not contractedJessica Boisen, Implementation Leader, Great Minds
Shannon O’Donnell, Grade 1 Teacher, OCSB (Ottawa Catholic School Board in Ontario)Jess Bogdan, Elementary Reading Intervention TeacherKelly Barsch, Certified EC-6th Grade Early Childhood & Reading Specialist; served as classroom Teacher, administrator and currently providing direct intervention for students with dyslexia in Houston, Texas.
Courtney Myers, Special Education Teacher, NYC SchoolsLeah Wannell, Reading Interventionist /Forest Heights Reading Center, / Portland, ORCourtney Walker, Former NYCDOE Elementary School Teacher
Catherine Page, Second Grade Teacher, M.Ed., Grantham Village School, NH Public SchoolsAnita B.Wallace, M.Ed., C-SLDS, C-ET, Classroom Teacher, Literacy InterventionIngrid Nyberg, Literacy Specialist
Kristin Greene, 2nd Grade Teacher, Cobb County School DistrictKatie Clem, Reading Specialist with PDX Reading Specialist, formerly at Portland Public Schools and Lake Oswego School District, OregonLisa Dance, Kindergarten Teacher/Cobb County Schools
Virginia Arocha, Reading Specialist/Dyslexia Therapist, Texas Public SchoolKellie Yazembiak, 1st Grade Teacher – 28 years teachingKelley R. Norman, Literacy Specialist, Clark County SD
Jennifer LaRosee, Special Education Teacher, Andover, CTTrina Lessor, Teacher/Reading Specialist Hope Inspired SchoolDr Carl Hendrick, Teacher, Wellington College
Autumn Mendez, Kindergarten Teacher, Hays CISDMary Elias, Academic Interventionist, NBCT, Evergreen Public SchoolsAlanna Martell, Reading Specialist, HRCE
Angie Neal, SLPStephanie Gimbel, 1st Grade TeacherLindsay Ernst, Tutor, Millard District, Omaha, NE
Mike Sullivan, Middle School Teacher. Brockton Public Schools, MassachusettsBonnie Garcia, SBCSSAmy Jorgensen, Literacy Coach, Davis School District
Michele Pettit, School Psychologist, Grant Wood AEAMichelle O’Connor, Kindergarten Teacher, Menifee Union School DistrictLaura Touchberry, Special Education, Lex 1, SC High School (Have taught K-12 in the past 10 years)
Jen Rhett, Executive Director – Reading is Essential for All People, GeorgiaKirsten Shrout Fernandes, 2nd Grade Teacher, Independent School, Providence RIKiley Aleman, Parent, Teacher and Reading Interventionist
Karen Kellerman, Retired Kindergarten Interventionist South Plainfield Public SchoolsKathy Pennell, St. Vrain Valley School District – ColoradoAnna Linard, Primary Teacher & Tutor, Australia
Danielle Darling, 1st Grade TeacherBillie Diehl, Special Education Instructional Specialist, Walton County SchoolsKrista, 3rd Grade Teacher, CT Public School
Stephanie Janz, 2nd Grade Teacher, Oklahoma City Public SchoolsMichelle Martin, Dyslexia TherapyLori Mor, Mom and Teacher, Dallas, TX
Kelly J. Williams, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Indiana University (Former Special Education Teacher & Reading Specialist)Carin Illig, Non-profit Dyslexia Program DirectorDebbie Daddio, Tutor – New York
Ilana Weinberg, Literacy Specialist, Beit Rabban Day School, NYCAnna Sanders, Reading Specialist, former JCPS Literacy Coach in KYAmanda Stephens, Great Minds, Wit & Wisdom Implementation Leader
Ashlea Edwards, Literacy Leader, Reading is Essential for All People, Atlanta, GeorgiaRoxanne Sterling, Santa RosaGinger Perry, Dyslexia Therapist, Texas
Monica Hammons, Kindergarten TeacherErin Dodge, 2nd Grade Teacher, Montgomery County Public SchoolsTom Koenig, 4th/5th Grade Teacher, Feynman School (independent)
Kathleen Lysek, Literacy Interventionist, Tapestry Charter School, Buffalo NYMelinda Karshner, 4th Grade TeacherShelley Wells, Reading Specialist, Splendora ISD
Galinda Everhart, Principal – Hobbs Municipal Schools-NMDeanie Sullivan, Elementary Literacy Specialist, Richland WA School DistrictKathy Futterman, Education Specialist, East Bay Public Schools
Catherine Cook, Grade 1 & Ex. Reading Recovery Teacher, SD#27, British Columbia, CanadaDiane Hudson, Grade 5 Teacher, MCPS MarylandSandy Yanes, Instructional Specialist, Splendora ISD, Peach Creek Elementary
Deborah Goodman, 2nd Grade Texas Public SchoolsCasandra Huerta Murphy, ESL Teacher/Instructional Specialist Portland, ORDiana, Reading Specialist
Tonya Kipe, 2nd Grade Teacher, Polk County Public SchoolsLeslie Chester, Orton Gillingham TutorMaria Chamorro-Beckenhauer, Kínder Teacher at Bancroft ES
Sara Schlickbernd, K-3 Reading Specialist, Wakefield Community Schools, Wakefield, NELorraine Padilla, 4th Grade Public School Teacher, East Whittier, CAMegan Faughnan, Implementation Leader, Great Minds
Kathleen Chaucer, Principal, Milton Terrace Elementary, Ballston Spa CSDAly Bauer, First Grade Reading Teacher – American School of BarcelonaDinah Malkin, Speech Language Pathologist, Washington Unified School District, West Sacramento, CA
Angela Welch, 2nd Grade Teacher, Colorado Public SchoolsJustine Connelly, First Grade Teacher, American School of BarcelonaDiana Pelayo, Kindergarten Teacher, Burbank Unified School District, California
Miranda Eldridge, Reading Teacher/Milton Terrace ElementaryLisa Hermant, Literacy Coordinator, SD79 Cowichan, British Columbia, CanadaKristen Waddell, Speech-Language Pathologist, Berlin NH Public Schools
Donna Denise Alumbaugh Cain, Instructor, UniversityCatherine Wyrick M.S. ATF/OGA, Teacher Trainer for Reading InterventionsAndrea Williams, District Instructional Coach (Early Literacy and Reading Intervention), Lancaster School District, Lancaster, CA
Elizabeth Doherty CCC-SLP A/AOG, Adjunct Lecturer & Doctoral Candidate, Hunter College CUNYKatie Luedloff, School District 57, Kindergarten Teacher, IllinoisAbby Boruff, 1st Grade Teacher, Des Moines Public Schools, Des Moines, Iowa
Lisa R. Rany, 2nd Grade Teacher, Lawton Public Schools OklahomaLauren Scholl, Bilingual Elementary Special Education Teacher DC Public SchoolsJane Rosholt, 1st Grade Teacher
Christine Cummings, Interventionist, Chicago Public SchoolsAngie Bell, 2nd Grade Teacher/North Penn School District PADiane Castagno, Educator and 092 Candidate
Dr. Annise Mabry, Founder, Tiers Free Academy HomeSchool CooperativeAshley Evans, 1st Grade Teacher, Monroe County Schools, GAMandy Horton Walker, Educator, Love 2 Read, Inc.
Molly Veliz, Early Literacy Interventionist, Denver Public SchoolsChristy Hintz, Former Elementary Education Classroom Teacher (22 years), Current Reading Specialist/Interventionist, WI Public SchoolsJim Geer, Principal, Tampico Elementary School, Tampico, IL
Heather Fleming, Reading Specialist, Cheyenne, WYSamantha Collins, Primary School Teacher (Intervention)Kimberly McLean, Primary Promise Tier 2 Teacher/ Los Angeles Unified School District
Alexandra Pavlik, Ohio School PsychologistKaye Garza, Special Education Teacher, TexasChris Olson, School Social Worker and IEP Coordinator, Troy School District
Sue Gonzalez, Dyslexia Intervention TeacherPatricia Pappathan, 3rd Grade Teacher, MA Public SchoolMelanie Blad, 2nd Grade Teacher, Pocatello School District, Idaho
Carin Taylor, Dyslexia TherapistKari Kurto, National Science of Reading Project Director, The Reading LeagueMarie Green, 2nd Grade Teacher, GA Public Schools
Diane Pust, Teacher Librarian/Merced City School DistrictSusan Dunbar, ESE Teacher, Orange County Public SchoolsDr Nathaniel Swain, Kinder Teacher – Melbourne Australia
Jen Poole, Inclusion Coach, Sooke School District #62 (BC, Canada)Sammi Hodgin, OG tutor, Indianapolis, INChristine Perry, 4th Grade Teacher, Westlake City Schools (Ohio)
Kate Mayer, Former Elementary Teacher, CERI/IDA Certified Structured Literacy Classroom Teacher, Co-Founder, Everyone Reads PAAmanda Baldacci, 2nd Grade TeacherDelana Yeaton, 2nd Grade Teacher/ RSU 9
Callan Wetherell, 1st Grade Teacher, Cobb County School DistrictRaymond Ankrum, Riverhead Charter SchoolChristine Cohen, Literacy Consultant for Literacy How, Inc.
Sarah D, Reading Intervention, Gwinnett County Public Schools, GeorgiaBrooke Wright, 10th Grade Language Arts, Gwinnett Co Public SchoolsKim Herard, CT K-6 Certified Teacher
Sally Vigneri, 3rd Grade Teacher, Santa Clara County Public Schools, CAJoanne Arnett, Literacy Coach, Greenville (SC) County SchoolsAllison Ibanez, Literacy Coach, Literacy How
Shannon Brand, Reading Specialist, Bellevue Public SchoolsKristen Struzuk, Special Education Teacher, Brockton, MABonnie Amato, Literacy How, Trumbull, CT
Mary Talbot, Upper ElementaryTeacher/Teacher Librarian – GEMS World Academy ChicagoKellie Powers, Reading Specialist, MA Public School TeacherKerri Perez, Dyslexia Advocate
Ashlyn Spingler, Kindergarten Public School Teacher, TXKristy Arias, 1st Grade Teacher, Texas Public SchoolsKristen Troester, Literacy Mentor, Literacy How
Tami Shields, Academic Coach, Cobb County SchoolsSue Moulton, Grade 1 Teacher, HWDSB Ontario, CanadaSarah Sachs, 3rd Grade Teacher, Bedford Central School District
Susie Beard, Reading Specialist and TutorMatt Warford, Associate Superintendent, Bastrop ISDWendy Hare, K-6 Reading Specialist Fairfax County Public Schools, VA
Lisa Gianni, K-12 Reading Specialist, CT Public SchoolsErika McClintic, Third Grade Teacher, Brown City Community SchoolsJulie Wood, School Psychologist , Mount Pleasant, SC
Jordan Paxhia, M.Ed WDP, Resource Specialist K-5 SFUSDRenée Hopper, Implementation CoachTrina Kearey, Australia Brisbane Qld.
Veronica Duarte, SBUSD 1st Grade TeacherJen Voaklander, Reading Interventionist, Ames Community School DistrictJill Schreiber, 3rd Grade Teacher, Franklin, MA
Tiffany Seaman, Continuing Education Teacher, Baker University and Reading Science Doctoral Student, Mount St. Joseph UniversityBelkys Benison, Reading InterventionistMary Ann Cadieux, Mentor, Literacy How
Mindy Arriaga, 2nd Grade Teacher, North East ISDStacey Pellicano, Advocate. Interventionist, Coach.Leslie Helwig, Dyslexia Therapist and Former Classroom Teacher for 19 Years in KG, 1st, and 2nd Grade, Texas Public Schools
Angela Snyder, 4th Grade Teacher; CO D51 Public SchoolsBrittany Coates, 1st Grade, Winchester Public SchoolsCarmen Heethuis, K-12 Interventionist, Non-Profit Center, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Jacquelyn Behney, Retired Reading specialist, current tutor, The Children’s Dyslexia Center of Central PAChelsea Harned, Former TeacherHeather Kirk, Title I Coordinator, Genesee, Idaho
Kamila Esterline, 1st Grade Teacher, Wake County Schools NCVivian Nourse, Former 2nd Grade Teacher, E. L. Haynes PCSKate Landis, 2nd Grade Teacher, DC Public Schools
Genia Deets, Kindergarten Teacher – Olathe School DistrictDr. Pam Kastner, President, The Reading League PennsylvaniaSusan Robison, Literacy Coach, Literacy How, Inc.
Angela Herrera, Reading CoachKaren Benjamin, School Psychologist/San Francisco Unified/Lafayette and SF Public Montessori/SFUSDCorinne St-Pierre, Program Coordinator, Manitoba, Canada
Sandra Allen, First Grade Teacher, Gridley Unified School District CaliforniaJennifer Garland, 3rd Grade Teacher, Lake County SchoolsJennifer Oestreich, 1st Grade Teacher, San Diego Unified School District
Kim Lockhart, French Immersion, Special Education Teacher and Reading SpecialistVirginia Day, New Hampshire EducatorKylie Brewster, Year 3 Literacy
Ashley Sherf, Kindergarten Teacher, Literacy Specialist CA.Stacey Brooks, Special Education Teacher, NYLet Blue Teehee, Kindergarten Teacher, Skiatook Schools
Lisa Ayanbule, Integration Specialist (formerly Intervention K-5 and 1st/2nd Grade Teacher), Pleasanton Unified School DistrictHeather Ribblett, K-5 Interventionist, KentuckyTamara Johnson, 7th Grade Language Arts Teacher, School District of Greenfield
Leigh Fettes, Grade 4, Riverside PS, TLDSB, OntarioAlaina Kakos, Elementary Literacy Coach, Ridgefield Public Schools, CTMichelle Koenig, MHPSD#76, CRESTWOOD School, 4th Grade Teacher, Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada
Elizabeth Sorby, Educational Specialist, WARonit Glickman, 3rd Grade Teacher, Santa Rosa City SchoolsRegina, Director of Special Services and Teacher
Breanna Ellevold, First Grade Teacher, Wisconsin Public SchoolsCarrie Taylor, 2nd Grade Teacher, Gwinnett County Public SchoolsRosa Nguyen, Chicago Public Schools
Kathleen Buckley, Reading SpecialistTeresa Ozog, 4th Grade Teacher, Plymouth-Canton SchoolsEden Case, Teacher, Madison County Schools
Deirdre O’Toole, Primary Teacher, IrelandBrinda Gurumoorthy, IB Math Teacher, Uplift EducationCharitie Park, Second Grade Teacher, Prairie View Elementary, Mead School District Spokane, WA
Lisa McCliment, School PsychologistLaurie Brown, Kindergarten Teacher, San Luis Coastal Unified, CACharlotte Deibel, 2nd Grade Teacher
Dr. Kelly J. Grillo, International Dyslexia Association, Indiana/Teacher-Leader-AdministratorKatie Che, 4th Grade Teacher, Quincy Public Schools (MA)An Reighard, 1st Grade Teacher, PWCS
Cheryl Clemens, Decoding Dyslexia-IN Founder, Orton Gillingham TutorJessica Shiffman, Learning Support TeacherDr. Christine Woodcock, Professor of Literacy and Director of Reading Center at Medaille University
Renee Glasscock, Literacy Instructional Coach – Katy ISD; Katy, TexasTammy Anthony, Former Third Grade TeacherJackie Guglielmo, 3rd Grade Teacher
Jennifer Switalski, K-5 English as a New Language Teacher, MSD Washington Township, INMichelle Gibby, Former 1st and 2nd Grade Teacher, Currently a Tutor of Dyslexic Children in UtahBeth Fain, Reading Specialist K-5. Bernards Township NJ
Julie Stapleton, Reading Specialist, Upper Moreland Township School DistrictMaite Larson, 2nd Grade Teacher/ Fairfax County Public SchoolsChristine Chiappinelli, Dyslexia Therapist, Texas
Allison Ryser, ESL ISST, TexasBethany Meyer, Inclusion Specialist, Oakland Unified School DistrictLaura McGowen, Indiana Teacher
Katelin Beckham, Katy ISD – DyslexiaTeerath Grewal, TeacherShannon F, K Teacher in Ohio (Keeping her district private for fear of retribution)
Julie Frazier, Special Education TeacherBreanna Carden, K-12 Literacy Coach, Amherst EVSDKim R., Reading Specialist, Texas
Jeanette Speka, Reading Specialist, Ukiah Unified School District (NorCal)Jillian Strybosch, Special Education Resource Teacher, lDCSB, Ontario CanadaJennifer Shaffer, Title One Teacher, Iowa City Community School District
Wendy Ramirez, Second Grade TeacherCoral Walker, 2nd Grade Spanish DLI Teacher, PPS, Lent Elementary SchoolMara Christensen, Literacy Specialist, Buffalo Academy of Science Charter School
David Martin, Elementary special education Teacher, Olathe Public SchoolsT Truog, Reading TeacherCourtney M Johnson, Literacy Coach, Museum Academy, CT
Katharine Raviille, Speech Language Pathologist, Literacy SpecialistMr Geoff Vaughan, English and Pedagogy Lecturer and PhD Candidate, HungaryKelly Gartner, Reading and Dyslexia Specialist, Houston, TX
Rachel Sorsel, 1st Grade Teacher; Mindful Teacher RachelKevin Mark, High School Social Studies TeacherTai Allen, Mother and Pediatric Occupational Therapist-Oklahoma City
Mary Cancelmo, Retired Special Educator San Francisco UnifiedHope Abens, Intervention K-5, Jefferson County Public Schools,Joan Magnuson, Retired 4th Grade Teacher, Hyde Park Central School District
Celia Scully, Kindergarten Teacher, San Francisco Public SchoolKyle Redford, 5th Grade Teacher Marin Country Day SchoolSarah Blitz, Instructional Coach, Santa Monica
Linda Diamond, Researcher and AuthorKaren McKinney, Reading Specialist, LG SchoolsChris Briggs-Hale, Retired Public School Teacher
Raquel McGee, High School-Literacy Teacher and Instructional Coach, Oak Park and River Forest High SchoolLeigh Fesmire, K/1 Literacy Teacher, Hopewell Valley Regional School DistrictClaire Cooper, Learning Support, ISHCMC
Rina Simon, K-3 Reading Interventionist, Shenandoah Elementary, LAUSDFaith Borkowsky, Literacy ConsultantKatherine Tevaarwerk, Grade 2/3 Teacher
Kristina Jaramillo, Educational Specialist, New MexicoChristina Kelley, 2nd Grade Teacher, Orange County Public SchoolsDavid Pelc, Reading Interventionist, Romulus Public Schools
Jennifer Mauser, Master Certified Barton Reading & Spelling Tutor, IEW Accomplished InstructorGilian Goldman, School psychologist, Westlake high School, Westchester, New YorkPatricia Revelle, Special Education/Kindergarten Teacher, Peel District School Board, Ontario, Canada
Heather Freeman, Orton Gillingham TutorKim M. Barbalich-Arakas, Teacher, NYC Public Schools & Gwinnett County Public Schools, GACara Baker, 2nd Grade Teacher, Fullerton School District
Ginger Prewitt, Ed.D., Director of Literacy & Professional Learning, Corona-Norco Unified School District, CaliforniaMelissa Ahlgrim, M.Ed., Director of Reading Sufficiency, State of OklahomaCindy Lumpkin, Teacher Who Started Her Own School, GA
Michelle Lamb, Reading Interventionist/ GeorgiaJenny Johnson, Lone Jack ElementaryDeanna Fossler, 1st Grade Teacher
Michelle, Director, California Public SchoolsKathleen Lee, Retired Teacher, Private TutorMichelle B, Prep Teacher (5-6 year olds), Australia
Andrea Simmons, Kindergarten Teacher, SFUSDJessica Hagen, Exceptional Education TeacherSheli Hulet, Instructional Coach, Twin Falls School District Twin Falls Idaho
Jennifer Powledge, Reading Specialist, Dyslexia TutorJennifer Hampton, Private BusinessSarah Bajger, Speech- Language Pathologist, CREC Magnet Schools
James Dobson, Learning Specialist, VIC, AustraliaLindsey Kline, Special Education Teacher, Palm Beach County School DistrictSimone Fisher, Australia
Heather Latch, Reading Specialist, MAMelissa Duarte, 2nd Grade Teacher, Santa Clara, CA Public SchoolKimberly Dares, 3rd Grade Teacher, Billerica, MA Public Schools
Geniese Ligon, Associate Principal SDUSDTracy Hastings, K-12 Instructional Coach/Dyslexia Specialist, Carmel, IndianaHeidi Zollman, Curriculum Director, Rochester NH Public Schools
Laura Warner, Former Gwinnett County Public Schools 1st Grade Teacher and SLPLiza Vaughn, Instructional Coach/TNErin Hardin, Retired Special Educator, Taylor Public Schools, Reading Tutor and Coach
Dr. Maryjane Palmer Ed.D CCC-SLP, IDA Indiana Board Member/ Teacher Educator/CERI Certified Dyslexia InterventionistAngela Higgins, 1st Grade Teacher, Gwinnett County Public Schools, GAKatie Scotti, 4th Grade Teacher, Baltimore City Public Schools
Jessica Berg, Instructional Coach, RPS205Audrey Goninan, Literacy Specialist, SC Public Schools, The Reading League South CarolinaSharon Martin, Kindergarten Teacher International School Japan
Nanci Perry, Tutor in Indiana, Former Teacher, ParentCassie Moungey, 1st Grade Teacher, Bridges Charter School, CAKate Passarell, Kindergarten Teacher, Rochester NY
Michael Solis, Associate Professor of Education, University of California RiversideRebecca Slatin, K-5 Special Education Instructional CoachAllison Pajor, Former Special Education Teacher, MSU Grad, Michigan Schools
Meredith Soleyjacks, Kindergarten Teacher, Canyon ISD TexasVennesa Alfaro, 2nd Grade TeacherJenna Branch, Former Reading Recovery Teacher
Deborah Penner Smith, Wilson Dyslexia PractitionerSonya Worley, 1st Grade Teacher, Whitesboro ISDDr. Kelly Carvajal Hageman, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Seaford School District, DE
Amy Smith, 1st Grade Teacher , PA Public SchoolsMackenzie Tyson, 3rd Grade, OHDELACurtis Kadow, 3rd Grade Teacher, WI
Sarah Martin, Former K-6 Educator, Arlington Public Schools, VAAbby Huck, Kindergarten Teacher, Sunrise R-9Katie Honeyman-Colvin, Instructional Coach, Portland Public Schools
Stephanie Bradway, 1st Grade TeacherNancy Leon, Elementary Reading tutor, Ann Arbor, MichiganJana Bryant, Standards and High Quality Materials Advocate, Math Instructional Coach, KY Public Schools
Kim Haughee, Trainer of SORLindsey Gruensfelder, Elementary Special Education TeacherSidney Maggiora, Certified Academic Language Therapist, Dyslexia Therapist
Katie Brunson, Reading Teacher- New York StateJoanelly Reaves, 2nd Grade Teacher, DCPSSharon Dunn, Former CA Elementary Principal – Current MTSS Leadership Consultant
Christie Barrett, Leader of Learning and Reading Intervention Teacher, The Geelong College, AustraliaRuth Bakken, Special Ed. Consultant, TexasShelly Todd, Literacy Specialist
Jennifer Ralston, ELA Curriculum Specialist, MD Public SchoolsEmily Jodoin, Inclusion Teacher (k-6) Nahant MassachusettsWill Bans, 4th Grade Teacher, Carmel, CA
Tara Rahe,Ashley Roberts, MBA, Parent of a dyslexic and dysgraphic child, Advocate, Founder of The Dyslexia InitiativeJosh McGee, Literacy Coach
Kelly Hernandez, Primary Support Teacher K-3, Westminster School District, CaliforniaNicole Shipp, Reading TutorHolly Aranda, Riverside County Office of Education Structured Literacy Dyslexia Specialist
Karen Betz, Assistant Professor of Literacy, Marian University, Indianapolis, INColleen Artymiak, Literacy specialist CT Public SchoolsTeresa Lyons, Owner/Director/Educator Fit Learning Roanoke, Virginia
Sandra Norman M.Ed., Reading Intervention Teacher Alberta, CanadaLinda Diamond, Researcher, Author, EducatorTamara Wharton, Reading Coach/ Support, Private School, Omaha, Nebraska
Christine Graham, TItle 1 Reading Interventionist in MaineJames Thomas, Bilingual Interventionist, DCPSNIcole Perry, 1st Grade Teacher- Palm Beach County
Melanie Hooper, The Reading League South Carolina – President and Literacy Specialist, South Carolina Public SchoolsDebbie Meyer, Literacy Consultant, Board Member, Dyslexia Alliance for Black ChildrenPaula Byrd, Community Advocate
Beth Lucey, Literacy Specialist – San Mateo Foster City School DistrictKelly Westberg, Language and Literacy Teacher, SMFC School DistrictDouglas G. Rich, Reading-Math Support Specialist, San Francisco Unified
Michael J. Edwards, Former 2nd and 3rd Grade Teacher and ESL coordinator. Current English Language Fellow at Kyrgyz State Technical University, Bishkek, Kyrgyz RePublicRobert Sturgess, Language Arts and ESOL Teacher, Gwinnett County Public SchoolsDeb Peterspn, Middle School Science Teacher, Luck School District
Dr. AmyK Conley, Instructor, Cal Poly HumboldtKathleen Buckley, Reading SpecialistBeth Blum, Former Educator in NYCBOE PS75, Current Orton-Gillingham Trained Tutor (All Ages)
Julie Giannini Previde, Superintendent, McKinleyville Union School DistrictDanielle Meyer, Learning Specialist, Independent School in WestchesterCasey Jergens, Kindergarten Teacher, Edina Public Schools
Dian Prestwich, KU Associate Teaching Professor; Former K-8 classroom TeacherJordana Everitt, K Literacy, MA Public SchoolsJill Lang, Speech-Language Pathologist, CUSD200 Illinois
Dawn Eldevik, Reading Interventionist, Colton JUSDDorothy Steiner, 2nd Grade Teacher, CA Public School, & OGA AssociateSharyn Hoffert, Instructional Coach and Adjunct Professor – Hood River County School District/ Eastern Oregon University
Abra Goldemberg, Pre-K Teacher – NYC Private SchoolErin Manski, Reading Intervention K-5Dawn Grobe, primary Academic Support Teacher, WSESU, VT
Judith Nacca, Literacy Coach, RSD17, Higganum, CTBeth Mappes, Early Childhood Educator (Currently Kindergarten) of 30 yearsRebecca Taylor, IDT, B.Ed., M.Ed., Elementary Learning Support Teacher, HRCE
Lani Mednick, CORE Educational Services Specialist, Former TK-6th Grade TeacherKaylee Stearns, 2nd Grade Teacher, Collinsville CUSD 10Kellyn Sirach, Reading Specialist, Champaign IL Unit 4 School District
Marcy Berns, Reading Specialist SCPA Cincinnati’s Public SchoolsKelli Grace, Kindergarten Teacher Region 4 Schools CTCarolyn Alford, Retired Teacher – Now Reading Tutor, Chesterfield County Public Schools
Jessica Hanson, Kindergarten Teacher, Indiana Public SchoolsLaura Given, Dyslexia Specialist/ The Craig SchoolPosie Boggs, Dyslexia Specialist – All Ages, IDA
Beth Johnson, Adjunct Professor, Kindergarten Teacher in KentuckyDianne Dawson, 1st Grade Teacher, School District of Manatee CountyMegan Hanley Jackson, Teachers College Alumna, class of 2014
Lydia Alberto, Instructional Support, Idaho Public SchoolsPapaipon Rodriguez, 2nd Grade Teacher in IA Public SchoolChristina Lorntson, First Grade Teacher, Beaverton School District, Beaverton, OR
Sarah Miller, Kindergarten Teacher, Kenai Peninsula Borough School District, AlaskaKristine M. Hansen, Kindergarten Teacher with Masters in LiteracyWendy Osborne, Reading Intervention Teacher, San Francisco Unified School District
Krista Prince, 2nd Grade Teacher, Chicago Public SchoolsJudy Richards, 1st Grade TeacherMatthew Pagirsky, Pediatric Neuropsychologist, Growing Minds Psychology PLLC
Kristy Zuehlke, We Shall Read/ TrainerLeah Russell, Act 89/Title I Reading Specialist, Lincoln Intermediate UnitTara Sarathy, Reading Interventionist/ Dyslexia Mom
Tracy Travesset, Des Moines Public SchoolsLinda Batten, Retired, tutoring with Wilson, HeggertyMelanie Smith, 4th Grade Teacher, Texas
Clara Cordes, 1st Grade Teacher, Chula Vista Elementary School DistrictSusan Stephens, Special Education TeacherDeb Heindricks, IDA Indiana Executive Board Member/Current Orton Gillingham Tutor K-12
Jennifer Lee, Reading Interventionist, Fort Osage School DistrictAnna Fritz, School Psychologist, Olathe Public SchoolsKristin Thomas, First Grade Educator, St. Louis Park Public Schools
Kalie Zimmerman, 1st Grade Teacher, Michigan Public SchoolsRebecca Snay, 6th Grade Language Arts Teacher, Ledyard Public SchoolsKassandra Habib, Kindergarten Teacher, Aldine ISD, Houston, Tx
Elizabeth Hogan, Literacy Leader, Reading is Essential for All PeopleTiffanie Clayton, K-5 Literacy Coach, Higley School DistrictShanna Schroeder, School Counselor and Parent
Jeanne Norris, Retired TeacherDr. Laura R. Standridge, Private TutorLauren Rea Preston, Teacher Educator, Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville
Barbara Steinberg, Educational ConsultantMeghan Martin, Certified-Structured Literacy Dyslexia Specialist, Speech-Language PathologistHolly Wagner, 3rd Grade Teacher, La Grande, OR School District
Jasmin Tow, Director of Early Literacy, Education For ChangeLori Baker, Reading Interventionist (former Reading Recovery Teacher) NebraskaAmy Ball, 1st Grade French Immersion Teacher, LKDSB (Chatham, Ontario, Canada)
Mary Durbin Beane, 3rd Grade Lead Learner/Teacher | Brighton Area SchoolsCindi Koch, Reading SpecialistShanda Antonopoulos, 5th Grade Teacher, South Sioux City Community Schools
Brittney Bills, Ed.D, Elementary Curriculum CoordinatorGrace Sharma, Teacher trainer and Orton-Gillingham Fellow/tutorTiffany Hogan, Professor, MGH Institute of Health Professions
Kara Franke, Reading specialist, Our Lady of the Presentation-Kansas CityAndrew McKee, Elementary School Principal, DenverGina Grimaldo-Åsberg, 5th Grade Elementary Teacher, Los Angeles Unified School District, Bryson Elementary,
Danielle Anderson, Assistant Principal and Literacy Coach, Baltimore City SchoolsAysha Vidales, K-6 ESOL Specialist, Baker School District 5jLisa Salisbury, Resource/Inclusion Teacher, Texas
Alison Stephens, Elementary Reading Teacher, KCKelsey Corrigan, 2nd Grade Teacher, Brighton Area Schools (MI)Tracy Critch, Reading Specialist, Canada
Leah Welsh, K-5 ELL Reading Teacher, Sela Public Charter SchoolKathryn Liscum, Pre-K Teacher, CCSLisa Duchesne, Title I Reading, Sedalia #200 School District
Emily Moorhead, Instructional Coach, Limestone District School Board, Ontario, CanadaRena Fulkerson, Special Education Teacher, KYAbbey Payeur, PhD, Assistant Professor of Education, Bethel University
Kerin Sullivan, Educational Consultant, Charleston, SCSeanagh Sttrebchuk, School District 60, Dr. Kearney Middle School, BC, CanadaVal Hanson, Literacy Lead/School Administrator, Lakeland
Sigri Berg, 1st Grade Teacher, Grand Rapids, MN Public SchoolsRanz Nelson, Secondary RLA Coordinator, Anna ISDMartha Bates, Learning Specialist, Victoria Department of Education, Australia

7 Replies to “For the Students We Wish We’d Taught Better”

  1. Graciela Orellano says:

    We know better now and we are no longer going to be “sold a story.” I thank God every day for people like Hanford who care about our children. Keep the momentum going 🙏🏻

  2. Kristin Bjorn says:

    Literacy education has to be about the students. It can’t be about adult egos or reputations. I am so grateful that now I have the tools to reach every student. I will never go back to balanced literacy.

  3. Thank you, Emily! I wish I could add my name to the list. I didn’t know it until I saw it for myself when I started brain training and using cognitive training and cognitive based reading instruction with students. The disturbing patterns I saw led me to research more and that’s when I found your work. It answered all of the questions of why I was seeing poor skills coming in and significant skills going out in just months of science-based reading instruction. For the kids, always!

  4. Allison Bakkum says:

    As someone who went to NYC to be trained at Columbia in TRWCP, and who trained others in LLI and guided reading, but was taught in OG as well, I’m so disappointed by Calkins and her posse. I am a reading specialist and a LETRS trainer now, and what I do with kids now, is how they should have been taught all along. I failed so many and I carry so much guild b/d of F & P, Calkins, and others who profited off of a rotten unjustified method for teaching struggling readers. Shame on them.

  5. After 15 years of working in the fields of learning science and technology, my children’s experience of learning to read changed everything. One revealed the confusion. The other the shame. As what was at stake dawned on me, I began what has been a 30+ year journey into understanding the “challenges involved in learning to read”. I spent over 1000 hours in deep-dive exploration with world’s leading reading scientists, scholars and policy makers and about the same number with children, parents and teachers. We called that phase of work the “Children of the Code” project.

    OUTSTANDING contribution to this VERY important subject. Nothing quite like it, under the sun! – Dr. Michael Merzenich, Center for Integrative Neurosciences, UCSF, Co-Inventor Cochlear Ear Implant, Member National Academy of Sciences,

    “It’s a wonderful thesis and it’s so refreshing to hear you articulate it because I guess I am in total agreement with it and I have not really heard people articulate it as clearly you have… I love what you are doing.” – Dr. Louisa Moats, Sopris West Educational Services

    “Wow, that’s interesting. I think that’s a lovely description of it (the challenge of learning to read)” – Dr. Tim Shanahan, Chair National Early Literacy Panel, National Reading Panel Member, President (2006), International Reading Association.

    What I learned: the main reason that we have chronically poor reading scores is not that we are not teaching phonics or structured word inquiry correctly or pumping up PA in pre-K. It’s that we are thinking about the challenge of learning to read wrong (and a great many income streams and reputations depend on staying wrong). Case in point, I have written Emily Hanford many times over the years proposing that she hear out and she won’t.

    Why not give a few mninutes to read me out:

    What the science doesn’t say:

    Paradigm Inertia:

  6. Judy Osborne says:

    This is quite moving. I taught 1st grade for two years in the 1960 using the ‘Language Experience’ notions of teaching reading. I think often of the little 6 year-olds in my classes. Most of the kids learned to read – but not all – especially some of the boys. They would be in their 60s now. I wish I could apologize to each one.

  7. This letter made me sad. I am sure the students that could have been taugh better led a successful life, writing their rest of the stories.

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