Brain Builders Video Collection + Lesson Plans

How Brain Builders Happened

What would happen if we could explain to kids what’s going on in their own brains when they learn how to read? Could we help more children become skilled readers if they understood the learning process?

We had been asking ourselves these questions at Right to Read Project when Amplify Education ask if we wanted to collaborate on an animated series to teach kids about how the brain learns to read.

That’s how this collection of two-to-five-minute webisodes came to be an open access resource. You can download them. Upload them. Embed them on your website like we did. Watch them with kids. Watch them with colleagues. Do the most good!

How to Use the Videos

We also have easy, 10-15 minute lesson plans to help teachers watch and discuss the videos with students.

Click on the episode thumbnail to play the video.

Click on the episode title to see the accompanying lesson plan

Or click here for a PDF of the whole lesson collection.

There is a narrative thread running through the episodes (i.e., you can have a fun hour bingeing them) but they also work as standalone if you want to explore a particular topic.

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