1. (Re)write the Book

Composing Simple Sentences

In the Level A book below, the pattern is I can see a [story word].

Using Post-it tape, cover all words except for the story words. Covering the punctuation and extending the tape on the other side of the story word will allow for more flexibility in student-generated sentences.

Model the activity by thinking aloud about a sentence that describes the first page of the book. Have students repeat back the sentence you say. Using the tools available to students in the classroom (word wall, sound spelling-cards, etc.) have students “help” you write the sentence.

For subsequent pages, encourage students to be creative in their sentences so that they get the opportunity to apply a variety of high-frequency words and phonics to compose a book that is more interesting than the original.

As students develop more independence and confidence with the activity, rewriting books can become a Literacy Center or independent activity.

Post-it tape is removable, so the same book can be used by multiple students. Different versions of the same book may make for a fun series in Author’s Chair.

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